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frequently asked questions

A waist trainer may seem like a pretty simple contraption, but there’s more to it. Since they’re working towards shaping your body, it’s important to know how to be safe about using one. Here is a collection of common questions and answers about waist trainers to help you out. 

Do waist trainers actually help you lose weight?

Waist trainers work towards shaping your waist to be more cinched in the middle, and smaller overall. Their effects on weight loss are more indirect, though you may notice some loss.
Trainers, especially those built to increase sweat, will make you sweat far more while working out than when not wearing them. This can help your weight loss. Wearing one also puts pressure on your stomach, which might discourage you from eating too much to avoid feeling bloated.

How long does it take to notice a difference?

Waist trainers work like corsets, and immediately suck in quite a bit of your abdomen. So, when wearing one, you may see 1-4 inches less than without. Though, this will disappear when you aren’t wearing one unless you wear your waist trainer frequently enough for long-term results. 

Do you wear a waist trainer over or under your clothing?

Waist trainers are typically designed to be worn underneath your clothing. Though, some fitness waist trainers should be worn alone or over your clothing. 

Are waist trainers supposed to be comfortable?

Waist training can feel very different at first. You will not be used to the constricting feeling. So, it’s always recommended to start gradually. Wearing the trainer for shorter amounts of time or not using the tightest option is ideal for newcomers.
Over time, you can begin wearing it for longer and wearing it tighter. You should always be able to breathe and stand/sit comfortably. So, if you feel pain or have trouble breathing, take off your trainer immediately. No style is worth sacrificing your health over. 

Can you wear a waist trainer after having a baby?

Many new mothers choose to wear a waist trainer after having a baby. It’s not recommended to start wearing one immediately after you get home from the hospital.
You should wait a few weeks before starting with a postpartum belly wrap. After getting used to this, you can begin to transition into using a regular waist trainer. Though, we also recommend you gradually build up to longer wear times and tightness levels at an even slower pace than for non-postpartum individuals.

What is the difference between a waist trainer and a corset?

A corset is made with steel boning and tightened with laces. A waist trainer is made with different materials, and will often involve clasps instead of laces. Corsets also tend to be styled differently, and those who wear corsets these days will try to show them off, while waist trainers are largely kept under clothing. 

Do you need to wash your waist trainer?

Since you’ll be wearing it on your body for longer periods of time, often while sweating, you will absolutely need to wash your waist trainer! They are not typically washing machine safe, though. To wash your waist trainer, you should be using warm water and mild shampoos, washing by hand. Lay or hang it to dry. 

Can you sleep in a waist trainer?

It’s not recommended to sleep in your waist trainer. Your body may move in unpredictable ways while asleep, which may cause significant discomfort. You should also allow yourself to give your waist and body a break at night. 

Can you exercise in a waist trainer?

Exercising in a waist trainer may be more uncomfortable due to slightly limited movement. Though, light exercising is possible and often encouraged to increase sweat. Some waist trainers use more breathable fabrics to encourage heavier fitness routines.
We hope that we’ve answered your questions on waist trainers. It’s always recommended to keep a healthy lifestyle. Though, we know how tricky it can be when you want to fit into a new outfit or just lose a few extra pounds.
Waist training and wearing a waist trainer belt is a great way to encourage healthy living, while also increasing your confidence! So, if you’re in need of a confidence boost or want to continue your fitness journey with a new aid, try a waist trainer now.

I didn’t receive a receipt with my goods, should I have?

To save on paper, all receipts are made available to view online. Please go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘My Account History’, there you can view and print all your invoices.

Please can you send me a catalogue of your products?

We do not produce a catalogue of our products as they are all listed on and ordered easily via our website (online catalogue). This helps us to ensure all information and products on our site are correct and up-to-date.

Are all prices on the website trade?

Yes, all prices on this website are trade prices.

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